Eliminating the Noise for Jobseekers

(Editor’s Note: We will be focusing a large portion of Monday’s Town Hall Meeting on exploring how social media can contribute to job growth. These ideas will then be formally submitted to the White House through the current call to action on this topic from the Obama administration.)

In a mere three years, Twitter has grown from a cult-like following to become, along with Facebook and LinkedIn, one of the three pillars in the Social Media landscape.  Its’ open platform allows content to be distributed to millions of people instantly has transformed the methods and expectations of how we gather information.  The challenge, however, is making sense of the billions of tweets in the Twittersphere, and to be able to extract valuable and pertinent information.

For a jobseeker looking for employment on Twitter, this can be troublesome.  What accounts should a person follow?  How does a person know if he or she is following the correct account?  Which tweets will have jobs and which are marketing pieces in disguise? For example, by following a recruiter’s or company’s job channel a person may get job notifications, but how does one sort through the potentially thousands of job tweets, when only a few may be of interest?  How does a job seeker filter the results and get through noise?

TweetMyJobs has developed a way to eliminate this noise, and effectively distribute job openings over Twitter.  Learn what they’ve done, how they target interested job seekers with the appropriate job postings, and how they can manage a company’s brand presence for recruiting purposes.